We are grateful to the 500 Startups team for their support of the Startup Haven mission through the use of their SOMA office as a venue for our events and for their efforts in helping to spread the word among the 500 Startups family of founders and investors.

If you are a 500 Startups portfolio or tenant founder of a venture scale growth company or a 500 Startups affiliated investor, we welcome you to join Startup Haven. Membership is free but all new members must apply before gaining access to our services or events.

Our simple application process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Our vetting process ensures that all of our members are serious founders, execs and investors… so you know that when you attend one of our events you are in the presence of peers whom you can help and who can help you.

As a 500 Startups affiliated founder or investor, your membership application will be expedited — founders and investors that are a good fit for 500 Startups are clearly also a good fit for Startup Haven.

You can use this link to apply for membership and to learn more about why Startup Haven is different from other startup groups or events you may be familiar with. Just indicate in the application that you are affiliated with the 500 Startups program so that we know who you are.

We look forward to meeting you!

Team Startup Haven