Meet Lawrence Coburn, co-founder/CEO of Ambient and a true startup OG. Lawrence understands the founder journey as well anyone I know. As a member of the Startup Haven network, Lawrence has generously offered to provide other Startup Haven founders a ridiculously-good deal on Ambient.

Ambient gives time back to Chiefs of Staff and Founders, an estimated 10 to 15 hours a week, with AI powered task management, note taking, and more, allowing them to focus on what’s truly strategic. Fast moving teams use Ambient to operate better, and drop fewer balls. We use Ambient everyday at Startup Haven and I would fight to keep it.

Startup Haven Network Deal:

  • <= 10 seats: $50/seat/month
  • 10+ seats: 50% discount
  • Plus, a 21-day trial and a free 15-minute onboarding with Lawrence or his co-founder, Taylor.