Elisabeth Gosselin, CEO and Cofounder of Paralog

Which is your home chapter?

Seattle chapter, but from Montreal.

What is your company?

Paralog is an AI tool with no code solution to automate the production of NPC behavior for video game studios.

What were you doing before you started working on your company?

I was Manager of Artificial Intelligence Training Programs at IVADO, which is affiliated with the University of Montreal. But I have always had an entrepreneurial or voluntary project on the side.

What has been the biggest win for your company?

An early one: When you are able to leave your “real paid job” and you can say, “Let’s go, I’ll jump.” That is a crucial step.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made along the way?

So many, but I would do the same because we need to make mistakes in order to succeed and know where we missed, otherwise we won’t move forward.

What do you like most about being a founder?

Being part of something significant, something crafted by our collective effort, has always been my aspiration. Now, as I contribute to our team’s growth and success, I feel a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment.

What is the hardest thing about being a founder?

The most challenging aspect of being a founder lies in the relentless nature of the journey. There are no breaks; if you pause, the momentum stalls. It’s not merely about conceiving a brilliant idea; it’s about cultivating it alongside the right team. Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape is akin to riding a roller coaster, requiring constant emotional balance to ensure we stay afloat and propel the venture forward.

Discovering your grit is essential. It’s not merely about enduring difficulty; it’s about embracing sacrifice. This means foregoing comforts like steady paychecks or predictable schedules. It’s about sacrificing time with friends or a partner for the sake of the business. While it’s undeniably tough, that’s part of the journey, and that’s okay. Pouring all my energy into driving the company forward, ensuring the well-being of my team, and striving for progress is what fuels me, sustains me, and brings me fulfillment now.

If you were to found another company (after you exit your current company) and you could choose any real person living or dead to be your cofounder, who would it be?

When considering a potential co-founder for a future venture post-exit, the pivotal factor lies in the chemistry of the partnership. It’s the secret sauce that drives success. Identifying the perfect match requires extensive effort and time. I’ve spent years interviewing individuals from various backgrounds and projects, searching for that ideal fit.

While many express interest in entrepreneurship, finding someone who shares the same level of commitment and passion is rare. The relationship with a co-founder mirrors that of a life partner – it demands mutual understanding, honesty, and the ability to navigate difficult conversations.

In essence, collaboration entails respecting each other’s decisions, even when they differ from our own. Blame and “I told you so’s” have no place in such partnerships. It’s about standing by each other’s choices and facing the consequences together.

Whether the potential co-founder is renowned or not, their alignment with the company’s values and objectives is paramount. Shared vision and work ethic are non-negotiable. Ultimately, the success of the partnership determines the success of the venture.

What company would have been your company if it didn’t already exist, and why?

I started Think Twice in 2019, an app to help people make better financial decisions in real-time when they want to purchase small things and measure the impact on their financial goals. I had to put the project on the ice after the pandemic.

Why does the world need your company?

Our mission is to empower every studio utilizing our technology to unlock their creativity. By streamlining their processes, we give them more time to innovate, resulting in enhanced gaming experiences for players. From deeper interactions with non-player characters (NPCs) to more meaningful gameplay moments, our goal is to elevate the gaming industry as a whole. Ultimately, our success not only benefits us but also enhances the enjoyment of millions of players within this remarkable virtual world of video games.