Gap Gigs Program Info

It has never been harder to be a founder. We want to help.

This program is a resource to help founders find part-time, intermittent and/or project-based gigs to make ends meet while they deal with these uncertain times.

Our thesis is as follows:

  • Founders are a remarkably talented bunch…
    • and they know a thing or two about how startups work.
  • Startups are always in need of a bunch of remarkably talented folks…
    • and a resource that know a thing or two about startups would be a plus.
  • Let’s help them find each other, for a…
    • Win/Win

There are lots of good reasons that founders seek gap gigs while they are working on their startups. But for some founders, and for some startups, seeking a gap gig can be a sensitive matter. If you participate in this program you are expected to keep everything you see and/or hear strictly confidential.

The rules for using this program are simple:

Rule #1) Both parties (the gig seeker and the gig provider) must both be Startup Haven members.

Rule #2) All participants must agree to protect strictly the confidentiality of EVERYTHING seen and/or heard here.

Rule #3) See Rule #2, only in ALL CAPS BOLD. Seriously.

If you are a founder interested in finding a gap gig to help extend your runway, FILL OUT THIS FORM.

If you are a founder who could use the help of a talented founder, FILL OUT THIS FORM.