Investor Program

Startup Haven is an exclusive, members-only community of more than 2.300 venture-scale founders in six cities. Founded in 2006, Startup Haven has been connecting entrepreneurs and investors with education, opportunities and each other for more than 12 years. 

Everything we do is designed to increase signal and minimize noise. Our Investor program does this by providing access and engagement with a curated community of serious, venture-scale founders — no wantrepreneurs, no part timers, no life-style businesses. 

Startup Haven is free to join for active and accredited investors but all new members must undergo a simple but rigorous application process. Investor members may choose either our free Basic membership and or our Premium membership. 

Basic Investor Membership: Free

Invitations to all of our founder and investor educational and networking events (most of which are also free.)

Basic Investor Membership: $300/year
All Basic Membership benefits

  1. Investor Match ($30/- per month for individual; $100/- per angel group): Meet founders from within “your community” spread across the 6 chapters through startup haven.

         Value: Deal flow Build relations with founders Community of investor Geographic diversity

         Quality: To better understand how StartUp Haven filters its founder, please check the investor

         match questionnaire here:


  1. Quarterly Virtual Investment Summit (discounts for member; 50% off for investors) :Special access to Quarterly investment summit; create an opportunity to network with other angels and founders in your area. 


            • Be updated on the various updates in your industry

            •  Hear keynote speakers talk about tax info and so on

            • Companies pitch 

            • Trends success stories    

         Quality: Virtual conferences with low noise, focusing on the investor agenda to inform the audience.

  1. Founders Virtual Database: The investor program gives you access to a virtual database with founders in startup haven.

            • Vouch candidates. 

  1. Portfolio Company Perk: 20 percent off their company program for using vouch to recruit talent.  
  1. Investor Engagement Events: Lunch/dinner events to network with founders in your city.