GOLS was founded to provide Guided Outsourced Lean Solutions . They do more than simply provide software development services — they guide projects from start to finish with expert attention to the right process to ensure success — and with integrity, transparency and excellence.

In 2014, GOLS founder and CEO, Santosh Khare, graduated from the Techstars Seattle program. This experience deeply informs GOLS understand of the aspirations and challenges of venture-scale startups. Santosh’s experience as a venture-scale founder is also the inspiration for making this offer to Startup Haven members.

Startup Haven Exclusive Offer – /Level 2

GOLS Pre-revenue Program:

  • 50% discount on first project engagement.
  • Includes all costs — design, engineering, Q/A, PM.
  • Startup must be pre-revenue.

* Note: The GOLS offer is available to startups that have raised less than $50,000 in total funding.

How to redeem

Please email [email protected] to request access to this opportunity.