Member Briefs

Member Brief: Nathan Beckord, CEO of Foundersuite and Fundingstack 9 May 2024

Our member guest was be Nathan Beckord – CEO of Foundersuite and Fundingstack. Nathan is a part of our Bay Area chapter and will be speaking on Funding Hacks. He produces the popular “How I Raised It” podcast and organizes various startup events such as, and Previously, with Pivotal Labs, he produced the ProjectStartup series. He is also on the Board of Hands On Bay Area, a non-profit and has a passion for sailing.

Foundersuite brings structure, speed, and efficiency to fundraising and investor relations.

Fundingstack helps VCs, investment bankers, funding advisors, and other deal makers raise capital faster and more efficiently.

Member Brief: Lawrence Coburn 17 Jan 2024 

Our guest was Lawrence Coburn – CEO and Co-Founder of Ambient. an AI-powered assistant for chiefs of staff. Lawrence is part of our Bay Area chapter and is a serial, exited founder. One of his prior companies, Double Dutch, was acquired by Cvent.

Member Brief: When Things Don’t Go Right with Nick Hughes (Founders Live) and Brent Sullivan (Skillmox) 30 Oct 2023

Bob Crimmins, General Partner of Startup Haven Ventures in conversation with:

Nick Hughes – Founder and CEO of Founders Live

Brent Sullivan – Founder of Skillmox, Inc

Member Brief: Start of Defi, Web3 and Blockchain with Arry Yu 19 October 2022

Our guest was Arry Yu. Arry is Head of Strategy (US) at Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and Executive Director and Cofounder of the US Blockchain Coalition (USBC). She is also an investor, syndicate lead and musician. She is passionate about empowering and supporting emerging tech leaders and innovators across the US and beyond.

As the Head of Strategy (US) for the GBBC and Executive Director and Cofounder of the US Blockchain Coalition (USBC), Arry leads a coalition of state blockchain associations, organizations, and influencers that cooperate to ensure the US is a leader in blockchain, Web3, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). Arry also leverages her expertise and network as an educator, venture investor, board executive and chair, and emerging tech advisor to foster education, advocacy, and adoption of blockchain and related technologies across various industries and domains. Her mission is to create positive social and economic impact through blockchain and emerging tech.

Member Brief: Growing Into the CTO Role with Scott Porad (Dolly) and Arean van Veelen (OfferUp) 16 June 2022

Our guests were Scott Porad, CTO of Dolly in Seattle, and Arean van Veelen Co-founder and CTO of OfferUp in Seattle, talking about growing into the role of CTO.

Member Brief: Understanding Valuations 21 April 2022

Bob Crimmins, General Partner of Startup Haven Ventures, talks about Understanding Valuations.

Member Brief: Building and Managing a Board 17 March 2022

For venture-scale startups, building an effective board is essential. It can also be tricky, even if you’ve done it before. In this Member Brief, we’ll hear from two amazing Startup Haven Members with extraordinary experience in just about every aspect of building and managing startup boards: Lisa Nelson and Janis Machala.