Startup Poker 2.0 would not be possible without the help of community-minded entrepreneurs in each city.  I can’t say enough about the dedication and support that our hosts and organizers bring to the tables.  When you see them, please thank them.

  • PORTLAND – Tyler Phillipi, Founder, Cargo, Ryan Cave, Founder, belTowr
  • SAN DIEGO – Bryan Hall and Shawn Elizabeth Bridgeman, Founders, Embarke
  • SAN FRANCISCO – Danielle Morrill, Andy Sparks, Founders, Mattermark
  • SEATTLE – Bob Crimmins, Founder, MoonTango, Startup Poker 2.0; Martina Welke, Britta Jacobs, Founders, Zealyst

We’re always interested to meet folks from other startup cities interested in getting involved.  As a Startup Poker 2.0 host, you would enjoy these benefits:

  • Play a meaningful role in supporting, growing and connecting the startup founder community in your city.
  • An unequaled opportunity to build or expand your own network and build meaningful relationships with startup founders, execs and investors in your city.
  • You get to play poker every month with an amazing group of people.

If you’re interested in becoming a Startup Poker 2.0 host in your city, you should be:

  • A startup entrepreneur capable of satisfying the “who can play” criteria with bright, flying colors.
  • An active and committed member of your startup community, excited about supporting Startup Poker 2.0 to your city.
  • Able to commit to spending one night a month playing poker with startup founders, execs, investors.
  • Able to commit up to four hours per month building the invite list, handling event logistics and taking care of administrivia
  • Understanding that Startup Poker 2.0 is a monthly event, you must be able to commit to at least one year as a Startup Poker 2.0 organizer in your city.
  • Familiar with the rules and game flow of Texas Hold’em and capable of organizing and running a poker tournament.  (All things considered, this is actually the least important requirement.  It can all be learned… but some tournament experience is an asset.)

Still sound interesting?  If so, shoot us an email at [email protected].