The Founder Institute: The Founder Institute provides early-stage entrepreneurs with structured training, mentorship, and access to a global network to transform their ideas into fundable startups and startups into global businesses​.

The Kauffman Foundation: The Kauffman Foundation’s resources and research can provide valuable insights and knowledge for early-stage founders navigating the startup landscape.

StartOut’s sole purpose is to help their LGBTQ+ founder members grow their businesses to lift up their communities. They connect our professionals to each other and support our community at the center.


Seattle Angel Conference: Seattle Angel Conference is a program to learn how to angel invest and for startup companies seeking funding. Their cohorts are no more than 50% men.

National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF): NASVF provides resources and networking opportunities for investors and organizations interested in supporting startups. 

Angel Capital Association (ACA): ACA is a leading organization that provides education, resources, and networking opportunities for individuals looking to become angel investors. They offer webinars, workshops, and conferences tailored to beginners.