In tribute to Clive Cussler (and ChatGPT)…!

Ahoy, Adventurers!

Gather ’round for a tale of startups and camaraderie – Geeks on a Boat. Amidst Seattle Tech Week’s bustling narrative, a joint effort by Startup Haven Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank etched an event in history. On a sun-drenched August 4th, a troop of intrepid minds set sail to chart new waters.

Startup Haven Ventures, known for their triumphant Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0 events, set the stage. A hub of venture-scale founders and investors, they’ve woven their magic across 10 cities for over 15 years.

Picture this: Glittering waters, sunbeams dancing, and about two dozen visionaries united by a passion for innovation. The stage was set for remarkable conversations and bonds to form.

As the boats embarked, conversations flowed like a river, melding experience with curiosity. We navigated not only the waters but also the currents of ideas. Through camaraderie, we embraced the thrill of exploration. In fact, the camaraderie and conversation were so engrossing that the planned scavenger hunt aspect of the event seemed to “sink” in comparison.

My gratitude to JoaquĆ­n Gallardo and Silicon Valley Bank for this grand expedition. Let innovation fill your sails, dear pioneers. Chart your course and script your chapter in the saga of human ingenuity.

Sail forth,

Clive Cussler