Startup Haven City Leagues

Beginning January, 2018, Startup Haven Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 event attendees will earn points toward a city-wide prize pool. Points are awarded based on number of events attended, poker game finishes and total number of players in each event. Points accumulation will conclude in November with winners announced, acknowledge and awarded at the holiday events in December.2017-12-18 17_56_19-Start

Attendees participating in the league must check in with the event host to sign out before leaving each event. When signing out, attendees must indicate whether they played in the poker game and in which position they finished. If an attendee fails to sign out for any reason, then they will not be awarded any points for that event. No one is allowed to sign out on anyone else’s behalf. It is the 100% responsibility of every attendee to record their information at the event before they leave; no exceptions.

There are two leader boards. Each will vie for a separate prize pool.

The first leader board is for members who play in the Poker 2.0 game and place 15th or higher. Each member’s total score will be the sum of their three highest adjusted Poker 2.0 event scores.

The second leader board is for members who attend Founders Dinner but do not play in the Poker 2.0 game or who finish below 15th place.

Prizes will be awarded according to the top finishers and ties will be decided first based on total number of events attended and then by random drawing if necessary.

In order to qualify for a leader board and a prize pool, members must participate in at least three relevant events between January and November.

In order to account for the difficulty of placing higher in a tournament with 40 players vs a tournament with, e.g., 20 players, points awarded for poker finishes will be adjusted for each event based on the total number of players entered. The adjustment factor is * รท 40.

League standings will be published at the end of each quarter. Prizes awarded at the end of the season may include cash, trophies and other in-kind awards.

Note: As this is a new feature, we will be on the look out to ensure that the format remains fair and fun and we reserve the right to make changes to those ends.