Startup Haven Event Basics

Startup Haven events are:

  • by invitation only
  • exclusively for growth startup founders, execs and investors.
  • the highest-quality startup networking available

If you received a Startup Haven event invitation in your inbox, then you are already a Startup Haven member. If you know a serious, full-time startup founder or investor that you think would be interested in joining Startup Haven as a member, you can send them this application link:

Be sure to etch the event in stone on your calendar BEFORE you RSVP. Failure to show up can cause acute loss of invitee status.

Please do not bring uninvited guests.

Our flagship events are monthly Founders Dinners and Startup Poker 2.0.

Founders Dinner

It’s easy: you gotta eat… and there’s no better group to eat with than other founders and investors. Seriously, the best startup networking dinner, period. And the food is good — no-pizza rule!

Startup Poker 2.0  

The poker at Poker 2.0 is real — but very low stake and strictly for fun. Whether you’re new to poker or a salty old pro, we structure the game to be a great experience for everyone, regardless of skill level — beginners are welcome!

  • The poker game is tournament-style Texas Hold’em.
  • The buy-in is $10 or $20 with unlimited rebuys for the first 4 – 5 betting levels and a 150% add-on at the break.
  • There are $20 bounties on any sponsors who have the nerve to sit down at the tables.
  • 100% of the buy-ins are distributed back to the winning players.

There are chip bonuses given for:

  • Buying in the first time with small bills (e.g., a $10’s, $5’s, $1’s)
  • Sporting a Poker 2.0 sticker on the back of your phone
  • Anyone who makes an announcement about their company or who makes and ask and/or offer of help from the crowd (hint: this is the most valuable opportunity of the evening).