Startup Haven is a multi-faceted support network for venture-scale founders and investors.

Our mission is to connect founders with education, opportunities and, especially, each other. We accomplish this through our member networking and support programs.

Startup Haven operates the Startup Haven Ventures Fund, a pre-seed venture fund, and the Startup Haven Accelerator, a pre-seed accelerator program based on the GroundWork Growth framework.

The Startup Journey

No two startups are alike; but there are common challenges and stages along the journey. Founders and investors who have experienced those challenges and stages are the single best source of help for startup founders charting their path.

As startups move along their journey, their needs change — sometimes very quickly.

Our Team

Mission and Vision

Startup Haven’s mission is to support the unique needs and experiences of venture-scale startup founders and investors.

We believe that venture-scale entrepreneurship is unique, and uniquely challenging.

We believe that strong local startup communities are essential to fostering the growth of venture-scale entrepreneurship.

We believe that venture-scale startups can be built anywhere and by anyone.

We believe that the very best help the venture-scale founders can get comes from other, experienced venture-scale founders and investors.

Peer to Peer Support Programs

Startup Haven’s greatest asset is its members. With more than 2,300 founders and investors, there is virtually no aspect of the startup journey that at least some of our members have not experienced. And they want to share that experience with others. Our peer-to-peer programs are how we enable our members to help each other.

Founders Dinner

A room full of founders and investors and a no-pizza rule. It’s rare to attend an event where you would welcome a conversation with every person in the room. In Core chapters, all attendees are vetted venture-scales founders and investors. In Community Chapters, a limited number of non-Core members are invited to attend as well.

Startup Poker 2.0

Literally the best networking activity for founders and investors on planet earth. It is impossible to fully convey the brilliance of this event in a paragraph. So here are three articles that will get you there:

Why Every Startup Founder Should Play Poker (1 of 3)

Poker is “Wax On, Wax Off” for Startup Founders (2 of 3)

A Founders Roadmap to Poker (3 of 3)

Member Briefs

With more than 2,300 experienced founders and investors, our members have a lot of knowledge to share. Member Briefs provide a platform for them to help other founders at scale. Focused virtual networking for Core members is also offered before and after the event.

Ask & Offer

Our online Ask & Offer platform allows Core founder and investor members can get and give help among the entire Startup Haven ecosystem.

Member Office Hours

Book some time with other experienced Startup Haven members who volunteer to share their time with you. While you’re at it, volunteer some of your time to help other Startup Haven members with topics within your own area of expertise.

Vouch Recruiting

There is no greater challenge for startup founders than building a world-class team. Besides just finding great people, startups must compete with big-tech comp packages and employee perks that are out of their reach. We can’t solve that problem entirely but we can leverage the Startup Haven community of founders and investors to tap into the thousands of personal networks of our members.

Expert Led Support Programs


GroundWork Milestone Workshops

In these interactive virtual sessions, founders present their next strategic milestone for an exploration of its cogency — i.e., is it the right milestone? Would investors agree? What does the milestone unlock, what needs to be true in order to reach it, and what assumptions underlie it? We will use the principles used in the GroundWork Growth methodology, the curriculum taught in the Startup Haven Accelerator program.

Capital Strategy Workshop

Fundraising is hard. A slick pitch deck and a confident story is seldom enough, even in the best of times. And we are not in the best of times.

This interactive workshop dives into the key decisions every founder must make in order to run an efficient fundraising process and maximize their chances for success — when to raise, who to raise from, how much to raise, and at what valuation. We will also explore how investors think and the essence of investor diligence.

Advisor Office Hours

Book time with an expert in a number of areas: legal, financials, fundraising, intellectual property, real estate, and more.


Pitch Coaching

Startup Haven Pitch Coaching sessions are not just pitch deck feedback. Presenters decide what to focus on and then get in-depth, no-nonsense advice from experienced founders and investors — what’s good, what’s bad and what can make it better.

Lunch and Learns

Our partners offer focused content tailored to the needs of venture-scale startups. These sessions are recorded and made available to all Startup Haven members. Since 2020, these sessions have been conducted virtually. Live Lunch and Learns may return in the future.


Partnerships are a vital aspect of how we support startup founders, investors and communities. In all cases, we seek win/win/win partnerships support our members, our partners and our mission.

Service Providers

Our service provider partnerships help our members triangulate on high-quality providers who understand the venture-scale startup journey and provide access to highly-relevant information and education.

Corporate Innovation

By working closely with corporations that are committed to innovation, we can provide our members with access to industry-relevant resources and support.

Access to Expertise: Partnering with corporations that have experience in corporate innovation can provide our members with valuable insights and expertise. This can include access to specialized knowledge, industry best practices, and cutting-edge technologies that can help our members stay ahead of the curve.

Collaborative Opportunities: By partnering with corporations that share our vision of corporate innovation, we can create opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures. This can include co-development projects, joint ventures, and other partnerships that can help our members scale their businesses more effectively.

Funding and Investment: Corporations that are committed to corporate innovation may also be interested in investing in promising startups. By partnering with these corporations, we can help our members access funding and investment opportunities that they may not have otherwise had access to.

Networking and Industry Connections: Corporate partnerships can also provide our members with valuable networking opportunities and industry connections. By working closely with corporations that are involved in corporate innovation, our members can gain access to a wider network of potential partners, clients, and investors.

Access to Corporate Resources: Finally, corporate partnerships can provide our members with access to valuable corporate resources. This can include access to research and development facilities, testing labs, and other resources that can help our members develop and test new products and technologies.