Virtual Poker 2.0 Reference

This is a new event format and a new RSVP process… so it will require some patience and some new processes — so please read and follow ALL of the instructions carefully.

FIRST: This is a very private event. Please do not share links or the invite with anyone else.

The event will be hosted using two different platforms.

  • The video meetup platform is Remo. Remo follows a table-based paradigm; when you login, you’ll grab a seat at on of the 6-seat tables. You can move freely between tables. The people at your video table will not likely be that same people at your poker table… at least not for very long. But that’s ok… everyone in the ‘room’ is amazing.
  • You will receive your Remo invite the day before the event.

  • Here is the Remo link:

  • The poker game will be hosted on a mobile poker app named “Pokerrrr 2”. You should follow the instructions below to make sure you are properly setup with access to the private Startup Haven poker club on the app. You will want to do this in advance of game day.

Only those who successfully RSVP will receive login information for the Remo session. The login information will be shared a couple of days in advance of the event.

Here’s the full process that you MUST follow completely in advance in order to participate:

Step 1: RSVP for this event.

If you want to play poker, select the “Poker Seat” ticket. If the seats are gone, then join the wait list.

If you just want to come for the networking, select the “Lounge Only” ticket. You’ll be able to login to the video conference and hang out with the rest of the degenerates playing poker.

Note that poker seats are not guaranteed until you also complete “Step 2: Venmo your buy-in.” If you don’t Venmo a buy-in then you won’t get a seat. You must both RSVP and send your Venmo buy-in in order to get a seat!


Step 2: Venmo your buy-in.

If you reserved a “Poker Seat” ticket by RSVPing to this invite, the you must Venmo your initial $10 buy-in to @startuphaven. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to folks who just get a lounge ticket.

In the notes of the Vemmo transaction, write “poker 2.0 buy-in.” If your Venmo account name is not your actual name, then please also include your real name in the notes.

DO NOT Venmo your $10 until AFTER you have completed your RSVP. If you Venmo $10 but do NOT RSVP for a “Poker Seat” ticket first, then you will not be able to play in the event and your $10 will be refunded.


Step 3: Install the “Pokerrrr 2” app from your mobile app store.


  • Once you install Pokerrrr 2, run the app. Use the referral code, “48N87C74”, when prompted.
  • Tap the “Club” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • You should now be in the “CLUBS” screen.
  • Tap the plus sign (+) to add a club.
  • In the search field, enter “tm74d” and Tap the search icon.
  • You should see the Startup Poker 2.0 club listed.
  • Tap the “Join” button for the Startup Poker 2.0 club.
  • We will approve your join request within about 24 hours.

YOU MUST USE YOUR REAL NAME as your Pokerrrr 2 screen name. If you use a moniker like “CoolHandLuke24” or “BustYourAA” or some other clever poker name, then you will not be admitted to the game. Note that Pokerrrr 2 limits the number of times you can change your name in a given month… so be careful.

After you have been approved, you will be able to see and join the Poker 2.0 games.


Step 4: Practice using the Pokerrrr 2 app.

If you do not already have a solid grasp of the user interface, please spend a few minutes playing some free poker with the app.


The tricky bits seem to be:

  • To look (peek) at your cards, use you finger to drag the bottom-left corner of the cards upward.
  • TIP: there is a setting called “auto-peek” that you can turn on so that you don’t have to swipe the corner up every time.
  • To check your hand, just double-tap on your cards. This one is easy.
  • To bet, first you have to set the amount you want to bet using the gold betting control that appears when it’s your turn. It’s easiest just to tap one of the presets, e.g., 2x the bet, 33% of the pot of the pot, etc.
  • To place your bet, you have to swipe the gold betting control chip upward quickly. ‘Flick’ the chip is more accurate. This takes some practice to master. And you gotta make the swipe before the 60-second clock runs out.
  • TIP: There is a setting called “Flipping Sensitivity”. I highly recommend you set that to “Easy”.
  • To fold, you swipe your cards quickly upward, the same way you did with the gold chip when you place a bet. Just start the flick with your finger on the cards, not the chip. This takes some practice to master.
  • If you have a terrible hand that you know you don’t want to play, you can fold early by swiping your cards upward at anytime before your turn.
  • The clock is merciless. If your decision time expires, your cards will be folded automatically. This will hurt if you have pocket aces and can’t seem to flick your bet into the pot quick enough.

That’s it. Once you’ve completed these steps, all you need to do is watch your inbox for the final instructions for logging into Remo and registering for the game on Pokerrrr 2.

One final note. This is a very private event. Please do not share links or the invite with anyone else.

Looking forward to seeing you at the tables!!