The Columbia Tower Club Benefit

The storied and prestigious Columbia Tower Club might not have been on your list of Seattle’s more startup friendly venues. But thanks to a thorough facility and culture makeover, The Club is a great fit for startup founders and investors. Startup Haven has negotiated an exclusive membership opportunity with CTC that closes the gap even further. The Club has never offered a program like this before and only Startup Haven members can take advantage.

How to Claim This Benefit

Indicate your interest in the CTC benefit by completing this simple form. Once we reach 20 interested members you will receive an official invitation to join the Columbia Tower Club.

If you would like a tour of CTC before deciding, you can book a tour here.

You can also view a virtual tour of CTC here.

Columbia Tower Club Benefits

  • Full XLife Membership benefits. Learn more about the XLife package benefits here..
  • Comfortable remote working environment, great for heads down coding, team collaboration, board meetings and investor presentations
  • Use of touch down rooms for concentrated work and small meetings.
  • Complementary high speed Internet access.
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, fruit, cookies & pastries.
  • 50% dining discount.
  • Access to Private Event spaces and waved room and AV fees (can save you up to $3000 depending on the room)
  • Access to a wide range of events including networking events and speaker series.
  • Unparalleled parking package — $95/month gets you five hours of parking… every day!
  • Member access to 150+ private clubs when traveling, 25% off dining at other City Clubs.
  • Two rounds of golf per month (12 per year) including complementary dining at many clubs.
  • All club benefits are available to your entire family — at last… a startup benefit that’s good for your startup AND the people you love most!
  • Learn more about the CTC

Exclusive Startup Haven member benefits:

  • Complementary Breakfast Club upgrade, free breakfast, Monday – Friday.
  • Unrestricted access to sister club, The Collective, including 50% dining discount.
  • Access to Startup Haven member-only events hosted at CTC and The Collective.
  • Preferred (and decreasing) XLife Membership Dues. :
    As more Startup Haven members join CTC, our membership dues will decline. Normal dues pricing is $285/mo plus $200 initiation fee.

    • Tier 1: 20-49 Members: $160/mo w/ $150 initiation fee. (45% off)
    • Tier 2: 50-99 Members: $120/mo w/ $100 initiation fee. (58% off)
    • Tier 3: 100+ Members: $100/mo w/ $0 initiation fee. (65% off)
  • As each tier is reached, all members will receive a reduction in their monthly dues commensurate with the highest tier achieved. I.e., if you are the 23rd member to join and your monthly dues are $160/mo, your monthly dues will be reduced to $120/mo once we reach 50 members and reduced to $100/mo at 100 members.
  • All members who sign up at Tier 1 or Tier 2 will receive a dining credit equivalent to the cost difference to the next tier. For example, if you sign up at Tier 1, you’ll receive a dining credit for $90 ($40 for dues difference, $50 for initiation difference.)