Sponsorship Programs

Startup Haven is growing and our sponsorship programs are in flux.  As such, sponsorship programs, availability and costs are subject to change.  Also please note that Startup Haven events are confidential gatherings of entrepreneurs and investors and contact info of attendees cannot be provided to sponsors.

Startup Haven Overview

Startup Haven was founded in Seattle in 2006 as a casual gathering of startup founders, execs and investors with the shared desire to connect with peers… and to learn how to play the game of poker. Over the next few year, that humble monthly gathering grew to become a vital resource for the Seattle startup ecosystem.

In 2012, Startup Haven launched its first new chapter in Portland, OR. With the success of Portland and a basket of lessons learned, Startup Haven next launched in San Diego 2013, San Francisco in 2014, Silicon Valley in 2017 and Los Angeles in 2018.

Startup Haven is a members-only organization and all prospective founders and investors must apply for membership. Our strict requirements ensure that all members truly understand what it means to build a company and the importance of giving and getting help from each other.

Startup Haven membership is constantly growing

Regular Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 Event Sponsorship

The Founders Dinner & Poker 2.0 audience is unique among startup community events; namely, invitees and attendees are exclusively startup founders, execs, investors and key members of the technology and startup community — decision makers, thought leaders, influencer.

Events range from 25 – 60 attendees, depending on the city and time of year.  The only for-profit service providers allowed to attend events are a small number of sponsors — so when you sit down at a table you know your sitting with members of the core startup ecosystem.  We are happy to support service providers exploring sponsorship with detailed information about our events.  However, due to the private nature of our events and our commitment to maintaining a high-value environment for founders, no non-sponsoring service providers are allowed to attend events.

Startup Haven welcomes our sponsors to attend and participate in our regular Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 events and to briefly address attendees.  Regular sponsorships are not category exclusive, but every effort is made to limit sponsors to a maximum of two companies per category per event, e.g., no more than two real estate firms, two IP law firm, two recruiting firms, two hosting companies, etc.  Regional category exclusives are available to Royal Flush (12 month) sponsors. All sponsors are expect to adhere to a strict code of conduct, especially with regard to marketing and prospecting behaviors.

Startup Haven chapters are currently running in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 sponsorships costs vary by city and are subject to change based on membership growth in each city.

All sponsorships including the following benefits:

  • Option for one company representative to play in the event. (cash sponsors only)
  • Logo on all event communications, e.g., invites, reminders, follow ups
  • Logo on event signage (when applicable)
  • Logo on one ore more event poker tables (when applicable)
  • Logo on event trophies (when applicable)
  • Option to provide literature/swag to all event attendees
  • Up to two minutes to address event attendees
  • Targeted social media exposure through Twitter and Startup Haven blog.

Regular Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 Sponsorship Programs:

  • “Ace High” trial sponsorship (one event):

    • one regular event
    • limited availability
    • may only be used one time per sponsor
    • A portion of the trial sponsorship may be applied to a regular Trips sponsorship (30%), Full House sponsorship (40%) or Royal Flush sponsorship (50%).
      • Seattle: $2,500
      • San Diego: $1,894
      • Los Angeles: $1,894
      • San Francisco: $2,500
      • Silicon Valley: $2,500
      • Portland: $1,894
  • “Trips” sponsor (3 months):

    • three consecutive months of regular events
    • this sponsorship is available only to local organizations that operate in only one Startup Haven city/region.
      • Seattle: $5,303
      • San Diego: 4,545
      • Los Angeles: 4,545
      • San Francisco: $6,060
      • Silicon Valley: $6,060
      • Portland: $4,545
  • “Full House” sponsor (6 months):

    • six consecutive months of regular events
    • option to host events at your office or a venue of your choice (subject to approval)
    • 10% discount for three or more regions
      • Seattle: $8,333
      • San Diego: $6,818
      • Los Angeles: $6,818
      • San Francisco: $9,090
      • Silicon Valley: $9,090
      • Portland: $6,060
  • “Royal Flush” sponsor (12 months):

    • twelve consecutive months of regular events
    • option to acquire category exclusive
    • option to host events at your office or a venue of your choice (subject to approval)
    • 10% discount for three or more regions
      • Seattle: $14,393
      • San Diego: $12,121
      • Los Angeles: $12,121
      • San Francisco: $15,151
      • Silicon Valley: $15,151
      • Portland: $11,364
  • “Dealer’s Choice” sponsor:

    • Sponsors who wish to support their startup community but are not able to attend events in person can get all the regular benefits of Startup Haven sponsorship minus the option to attend.
    • twelve months of regular events
    • all regular sponsorship benefits with the exception of attending events
    • 10% discount for three or more regions
      • Seattle: $9,090
      • San Diego: $5,303
      • Los Angeles: $5,303
      • San Francisco: $10,606
      • Silicon Valley: $10,606
      • Portland: $6,060

Global Sponsor Programs:

These programs are exclusive sponsorship options only available to our “Full House” and “Royal Flush” sponsors and for sponsors who participate in more than one city.  Acceptance for these sponsorships requires board approval and are awarded on a first-come basis.

  • Chip sponsor add-on:

    • 40% of regular six-month sponsorship/per region
    • logo on official Poker 2.0 poker chips used at six regular events
  • Card sponsor add-on:

    • 40% of regular six-month sponsorship/per region
    • Logo on official Poker 2.0 playing cards at six regular regular events
  • Table sponsor add-on:

    • 40% of regular six-month or 12-month sponsorship/per region
    • Logo prominence on Poker 2.0 tables at six regular events
  • Category Exclusive:

    • When available, sponsors may secure exclusive rights to sponsor Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 events for their industry category in select regions.
    • Only available to Royal Flush level (i.e., 12 months) and multi-city sponsors at the Full House level (6 months) or above.
    • If one sponsor secures an exclusive while another sponsor is already active, then that already active sponsor will be allowed to complete the current term of their sponsorship and the new sponsor’s exclusivity will commence upon completion of the active, non-exclusive sponsor’s term,
    • May have up to two company representative attend Startup Haven events.
    • Categories are subject to approval.
    • Cost for exclusive: 50% of regular six or 12-month sponsorship level.
    • Available Categories
      • Technology Infrastructure Hosting
      • Business Law
      • Intellectual Property Law
      • Technology Recruiting
      • Commercial Real Estate
      • Banking
      • Tax/Accounting
      • Wealth Management
      • Office Furnishings
  • Wing Man (or Woman):

    Cash sponsors at the Full House level and above may have a second representative attend under the following conditions:

    • Only ONE additional player per sponsor is ever allowed to attend.
    • Space permitting.  Total sponsor/player participation is managed closely to maintain the quality of the engagement for both players and sponsors. Please inquire whether there is an additional seat is available for your company.   Space is allocated strictly on a first come basis.
    • An additional seat will require a $200 “pot sweetener” at the event.  The $200 will be donated directly to the pot to be distributed to the winning players.
    • A donation of a “suitably interesting” bounty prize to be award to the player who knocks out the additional sponsor player.  Examples of “suitably interesting” prizes include, e.g., a nice bottle of wine/scotch, box seat tickets to a pro sports game, dinner for two at a nice restaurant, etc.

Venture Sponsors:

Building relationships between founders and investors is at the heart of Startup Haven and active startup angel and venture investors are always welcome at these events.  For those investors who wish to help further support Startup Haven and the startup community, there are several ways to contribute.

1) First and foremost, come to the events!  Bring your investor colleagues along too and help spread the word to other investors in the community.

2) Host an event.  Does your firm have an awesome office capable of seating at least 48 folks around six tables of eight along with a contingent of hecklers?   Got a friend or colleague with a fun venue — a distillery, a winery, a brewery, an art studio, a castle, a yacht?  (Please note that service provider venues are excluded.  For example, a venture sponsor may not host an event at a law firm unless that law firm is a regular or global Startup Haven sponsor.)

3) Financial support.  The financial support we love to see the most is when an investor gets to know a founder at Startup Haven event and subsequently explores investment.  If your venture organization would find value in the benefits of sponsorship, we also appreciate it when venture investors participate as regular sponsors.  In recognition of the value that investors bring to our events, we are pleased to offer our venture sponsors a 20% discount off of any sponsorship program.

In-kind Sponsorship:

All sponsors are encouraged to sweeten the pot with in-kind prizes and opportunities for players.  Not only do the players love it, it’s also a great way for sponsors to make a bigger and better impression on attendees.  For example, a nice bottle of wine or scotch, tickets to a sporting or arts event, autographed copies of your best-seller, etc.  All in-kind prizes and contributions are subject to approval prior to events. For commercial/service provider sponsors, in-kind contributions (including venue donation) are only allowed if you are already a Regular or Global Startup Haven sponsor.

Hosting a Startup Haven Event at Your Location:

Hosting an event at your offices or other cool location is also a great way to contribute to an event and to make a great impression.  If you are already a regular or global sponsor and your location is capable of seating at least 40 folks around five tables of eight along with a contingent of hecklers, then you could be a host.  Sites are subject to approval based on location, parking, facility, etc.

Non-profit Sponsors:

Non-profit organizations that directly support early stage tech companies and entrepreneurs are always welcome at the tables.  Non-profits interested in financially supporting Startup Haven can participate at any sponsorship level at a 40% discount.

Special Event Sponsorships:

Each year, Startup Haven hosts a number special events.  These events sometimes include partnering with other organizations who support the startup community.  Sponsorship opportunities for these special events are first presented to our current and former Startup Haven sponsors before they are made available to potential new sponsors.  Sponsorship programs for these events can vary depending on the size, visibility and other factors.

*Startup Haven events are occasionally attended by entrepreneurs and celebrities from outside the technology startup community.