Since 2006, Startup Haven has been connecting startup entrepreneurs, execs and investors low-noise, high-value networking environments.  Below are some comments from a few of our members.

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I’m a woman founder who is deliberate about events I attend. I pass on most other startup events, but I try never to miss a Startup Haven event. It means so much to me that I find myself checking multiple times each month to make sure I have it on my calendar!

Amela Kovacevic, Founder/CEO, EatHub
Startup Poker 2.0 is an amazing way to meet a lot of amazing people, get to know each other over some fun, beer, and great food.

Best of all is there is a true community to be found within Startup Poker where we celebrate each others’ wins, support each other in our losses, and push all in on the crazy journey we’re all on. 

Evan Hiner, Founder/CEO, Prolaera
I managed to string my meager lot of chips into a pile sufficient to earn a seat at the final table. Startling! This alone would have been sufficient to make the evening memorable, however, the real success of the evening was in the people whom I met. … By the time the last hands were dealt, I met some incredible people. Through Poker 2.0 I was able to meet people who have helped me take a new direction with my startup.  Looking back many months later, my experience with Poker 2.0 turned out to be pivotal.
Dan Young, Founder, DXY Solutions
As an entrepreneur, it can be tough to find meaningful time to meet and get feedback from other entrepreneurs. Poker 2.0 provides an opportunity to sit down, play some cards, and most importantly build meaningful relationships with other founders and investors. Of all the meetups that I’ve attended, this has been the most fun and most valuable.
Paul Simons, CEO, iHearNetwork
Un-networking at its finest. At most networking events, many people are too busy pitching their business to talk about anything else. With poker as the backdrop, discussions are much more casual. You might actually get to know somebody.
Roy Leban, Founder/CEO, Puzzazz
Startup Haven events are amazing! With Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0, it is as much about meeting fellow founders and networking as it is about playing poker… actually the networking is the best part. I’ve met a lot of great people people through the event and several of which I have developed real relationships with.
Doktor Gurson, Founder/CEO, Doblet
Bob’s Poker 2.0 events are my favorite networking events in Seattle.  Not just because it’s fun to play some low stakes poker over beer and Thai food, but because the people who come are some of Seattle tech’s best & brightest.  The event is invite only, so Bob is able to ensure the players are almost exclusively startup founders and people looking give money to startup founders.  That means table discussions are substantive, the connections are valuable, and the conversations aren’t dominated with job seekers, recruiters, or service providers.  I always recommend that new entrepreneurs, and those new to Seattle, come to a Poker 2.0 event, even if they can’t tell the difference between a flush and a full-house.
Justin, Serial Founder
What is wonderful about Startup Haven – and why I never miss when I am in town – is that you have so incredibly much talent and experience in the room. Seed investors asking for flow, seasoned C-level players offering experience and advice, support when things don’t go well and always folks giving. It’s a place I can learn what I need to know and share what others need when I have it. And it’s simply fun without a huge price tag. It’s not just another “networking event” – good things happen.
Erik Jansen, Angel Investor
Startup Poker is not only great fun for hard charging Founders but it’s also a seriously cool networking event where I connected with supportive peers, met two advisors and three angels who ultimately helped build my company.
Brandon Masterson, Founder/CEO, 2Morrow
I don’t attend networking events because most attendees are “wantrepreneurs,” while the people doing real things are too busy to attend. Startup Haven events are the only exception I’ve found. In fact, the first person I ever met there had IPO’d two companies.
Tyler Menezes, YC Founder, Student RND
Startup Poker 2.0 is by far my favorite networking event. Bob does a great job of hand selecting only great entrepreneurs, investors, and classy sponsors to play in a fun and supportive game that gets people talking in a very relaxed environment. Most of my best connections have come as a result of playing at Startup Poker 2.0.
Geoff Simon, Co-Founder/CTO, iHearNetwork
Thanks for all the effort you put into Startup Haven. Founders Dinner and Poker 2.0 is truly my favorite event every month. If I ever miss one… trust me that it’s for something pressing.
Chris Memmott, Founder/CEO, VaultRMS
Bob (and his wonderful sponsors) have done an amazing job with Startup Poker! This is, without a doubt, my favorite networking event in the Seattle startup scene. If you are a startup founder or investor, you should absolutely join and attend!
Tony Mandarano, PaidPunch
What a great idea!  Startup Poker 2.0 allows me to participate in 2 activities I really enjoy, Texas Hold’em and Networking.  The game is not too competitive and I’ve already connected with like-minded founders, investors, and execs from Seattle’s startup community, some whom I’ve met 1 on 1 with less than a week after the game to talk about experiences.  I really look forward to Startup Poker 2.0 every month.
Matt Gamboa, Co-Founder, QThru
Not only is it a great time playing cards, but an excellent networking opportunity with an expanded peer group. I was able to bring a current challenge our company is facing and was able to schedule two distinct follow-up meetings that look like they will provide the exact solution we’re looking for. I’ll definitely look forward to the next time I’m able to attend!
Eric Fogel, Co-Founder/CEO, Emergent
I am a startup founder and I highly recommend Founder’s Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0.  I met two investors, an advisor, my lawyer, and customers all while having a fun night out full of drinks, food, fun poker, and a great company.
Wissam Taberra, Founder/CEO, CleverNudge

Startup Haven events are the best startup networking in Seattle. I plan my travel around Founders Dinner and Startup Poker 2.0 events.

Adam Gerig, Director, Stably, Stably
I truly find I get more strategic with thinking about my business the more poker I play. About everything, really. It (and chess) is probably the most important game an entrepreneur should understand.
Rebecca Goberstein, Co-Founder/CEO, Terrapn
Startup Poker 2.0 combines the fun of a low-stakes poker game with quality conversation among a hand-picked group of entrepreneurs, from first-timers to fifth-timers. The topics at the table range from funding to strategy to finding office space, and I found myself both asking questions and answering them. I also found the sponsors to be relevant and part of the conversation (e.g., patent attorneys, cloud providers, office furniture providers).  I can’t say enough about the format and the organization, and look forward to attending many more Startup Poker 2.0 events in the future!
Hermann Calabria, Founder/CEO, UserNest
At Poker 2.0, I padded my personal bankroll by crushing in nearly every tournament, and I also padded my startup’s chances by meeting some quality fellow entrepreneurs and investors. A true win-win.
Phil Gordon, Founder/CEO, ChatBox
Founders Dinner & Startup Poker 2.0 are the best events for Seattle founders. Network with other founders, meet investors, and relax over delicious food and plentiful beer!
Lewis Lin, Techstars Founder, CEO, People Maven